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"I am pleased to provide a recommendation of Recapture Consulting. We are very satisfied with the results. We have been provided with cash savings, as well as identifying areas where improvements could be made which have enhanced our current operations"


- Jon S. Healy, Asst. Controller, Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002

"You delivered everything promised and more...certainly I would highly recommend Recapture Consulting to others…it makes perfect sense to periodically have an outside, independent, professional organization review for overpayments including uncovering any areas that need addressing.” 


- James Cairo, State Tax Manager, Dial Corporation

“Thank you for your persistence in presenting your Canadian Tax recovery service. Your service allowed us to recover 20% of the GST/HST taxes that we over-paid during the past four years”


- Candy Terril, Tax Manager, HNI Corporation

“The review process Recapture Consulting uses is definitely more comprehensive than any other A/P audit performed previously by other firms for our company. The experience was very profitable and beneficial for our company. We plan to use the services of Recapture Consulting again in the future."


- Chad W. Kendell, Chief Financial Officer, GE Medical Systems

"It is a pleasure to recommend Recapture Consulting’s audit service to recover shipping charges from FedEx and UPS when they do not meet their guaranteed delivery schedule. We have been a client since 2008 and you have saved us thousands of dollars...recovered almost 3% of our total billing during this time."


- Candace Erhardt, Accounts Payable Supervisor, WenCor

"I was surprised when your auditors were able to recover such a large amount of money related to our Canadian GST/HST tax payments. Your final report gave me all the documentation needed to support our claim with the CRA.


- Rex Dulin, Tax Director,  Multiquip

"I am happy to say that we made the right decision in choosing Recapture Consulting. The capstone of the review was the comprehensive final report which uncovered unique insight into our payables and the recovery itself. Most importantly the report introduced methods to stop overpayments from reoccurring.


- Danny Lee, Controller,

"We were extremely satisfied with the financial recoveries. Your company offers much more than what is traditionally expected from recovery companies.


- Kevin Stancato, Controller, DTE Energy

"This is a rare instance when a vendor meets or exceeds expectations. You made a rather substantial recovery for us and in a competive business like commercial printing, every dollar counts."


- Patrick Sheplee, CFO, Editors Press, Inc

"I was happily surprised on two counts; that our A/P operations were proven to be virtually error free, and that Recapture identified considerable sales tax refunds. This was impressive given the fact we had a firm belief that all available sales tax recoveries had already been identified. Thanks for delivering on your promise that Recapture was capable of providing additional savings, even after following a review from another sales tax recovery firm."


- James L. Best, Chief Financial Officer, TRIBUNE

“Your auditors clearly have a deep knowledge of the local tax code, and their understanding of how it applies to our business was helpful. This type of tax advice is valuable, yet it essentially cost me nothing as part of your contingency service. I’m pleased with the results and thoroughness of your service. It was a simple project that was definitely worth doing.”


- Gerry Lee, Controller, Microsemi

"Recapture’s thorough analysis helped to recover shipping and freight overpayments that we were unaware of. We were also pleased that your review confirmed that our accounts payable process is quite accurate. However, we were absolutely not aware of the sales tax overpayments that we had been making. This is a win-win situation for both entities.”


- Theresa Harri, Accounts Payable Manager, Action Performance

"Your auditors were very knowledgeable and helped us identify improvements in our processes as well as future savings in the area of sales and use taxes… I have already recommended your services to some of our sister companies and I would not hesitate to recommend Recapture Consulting to other companies." 


- Linda Beal, Controller, Weir Specialty Pumps

“Recapture Consulting has provided us with valuable tax-saving information. Thank you for taking the time to recommend to us how to improve upon our Accounts Payable procedures and most of all for 'showing us the money”


- Sondra Kelly, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Tessenderlo  Kerley

 “Initially I thought that you might find a few discrepancies in our accounts payable operations, but the total dollars recovered in sales tax recoveries was more than anticipated. The overall results were excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other firms.”


- Jeffery Noel, Controller, Tokyo Electron

"Thanks to your experienced auditors, we have already recovered almost 50% of what was identified when they left our facility. The overall results surpassed my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Recapture’s services to other companies."


- Sharon Mylan, Assistant Controller, SUMCO

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