ABOUT Recapture Consulting

Our Philosophy: Good Enough isn't Good Enough 
Our clients often tell us that we are better than the rest. Firms who selected Recapture Consulting have found that it was worthwhile, because we produce substantial recoveries that CPA auditors and other A/P recovery firms overlook. We have even been quite successful with “secondary reviews”; that is immediately following and successfully recovering more than the previous auditors, while reviewing the same files and transactions for the same time period.

Our Beginning


Recapture Consulting, Inc. (RCI) was established in 1999 with the mission to help entities of all types improve the efficiency and accuracy of their payables operations. We have worked for hundreds of organizations including manufacturing, distribution, direct marketing, municipal governments and non-profits.


Our clients

Our clients come in all sizes; from mid-market to Fortune 500, located in big cities and smaller communities, school districts with several thousand students and medical facilities with hundreds of beds. We were even selected to audit the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games of 2002. 


We Listen

RCI does more than systematically analyze the files and data of our clients. We listen to their requests and concerns and show them how to make process improvements going forward. This level of customer engagement has provided additional recoveries, and profits for them.


These kinds of partnerships have also created new cost savings opportunities for our clients. For example, most of our manufacturing clients use expedited shipping for their products, so in 2007 we added small parcel auditing to our service offerings. Later, Canadian tax services were incorporated to assist US Companies doing significant business with our friends up north. 


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