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Recovery Audit Services 

vendors ­& taxing agencies 



Recapture Consulting is looking out for your money, striving to

 maximize your savings from recoveries on each and every project. 


How We Help

Recapture Consulting helps large and mid-market companies save money by recovering over-payments to vendors and taxing agencies. We find and fix systemic problems causing unnecessary payments. 


CFOs and controllers at hundreds of companies, including well known Fortune 500 brands, have relied upon Recapture Consulting to save millions of dollars in recoveries from unintentional over-payments made to suppliers,

vendors and taxing agencies.


A complete assessment of sales and use taxes made through the A/P systems. Reconcile errors and prevent future over-payments. 


Thoroughly review, find and fix issues from supplier and vendor invoices over the most recent three-year period.



Reduce freight and parcel costs- hold your carriers accountable to price incentives, discounts, rebates, and service deliveries.



Ensure that GST/HST taxes on your Canadian revenue are accurate. Find and recapture any missed exemptions.

What Makes Us Different 

We are not the biggest firm, nor do we only seek out large clients. These are not our objectives. Since 1999 we’ve attained status as one of the premier boutique cost recovery firms in the country by delivering time and again.


And we don’t follow the standard business model of “more audits faster.” Our business was steadily built on our reputation of staying focused on our primary goal; continuously maximizing net recoveries for each and every client. 

Intuition From Greater Knowledge

Advanced data analytics run by machines and software are vitally important and prerequisite to commercial auditing. However, what can make the difference in better decisions and achieving the most favorable outcomes in auditing is grounded in human intuition. 


Recapture Consulting Auditors (people with expert intuition)

average over 25 years of domain experience.

It's not only about the software and data. Effective recovery auditing is both a science and an art form based on human judgement. Even a gut feeling of what to ignore, or what to dig deeper into can break open a project. It's our people who lead and mange our client's audits that make the biggest difference in results. We believe it's their expert intuition, refined by greater knowledge from lots of experience is how we can produce maximum recoveries for each and every client. 

Breadth & Depth of Reviews

We don't follow the all too common practice which is to skim for the easy finds and quick recoveries. We are committed to performing the broadest and deepest overpayment reviews. This philosphy is a mindset and part of our culture. We don't do "drive by audits." To support this approach our hiring and compensation plans drive to quality and provide incentives to maximize recoveries. 

Process, Methodology & Technology

Recapture’s data audit process is based upon the best technology available, software tools, and a proprietary set of unique and time-tested algorithms. These unique algorithms employ the power of "fuzzy-matching" so that hard-to-find overpayments and billing anomalies are caught. 


"You delivered everything promised and more...certainly I would highly recommend Recapture Consulting to others…it makes perfect sense to periodically have an outside, independent, professional organization review for overpayments including uncovering any areas that need addressing.” 


- James Cairo, Dial Corporation


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